Chad Stafford

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Ballroom Dance

About Chad:

Artist, animator, voice actor, and full time geek. Chad has been drawing since four years old. Growing up on Sega Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney, and Power Rangers. Having several inspirations to go into art, a grandfather who was an artist by trade, creating murals and doing signs for local businesses, and a father who is a technical illustrator.
Chad creates artwork and animations for various companies and for fun. He also attends and booths at many different comic book conventions. Chad has been collecting comics, action figures, statues, and more for years. Chad also takes part in 'cosplaying' as different super heroes for a variety of volunteer and charity events.
Chad worked as a curator for one of the largest U.S. popular culture museums with displays highlighting Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, a variety of science fiction and comics including, G.I. Joe, Barbie, Hot Wheels and more. Featuring toys, props, costumes, vehicles, action figures, die cast and more.

Professional Overview:


  • Curator of the Arizona Pop Culture Museum for two years
  • Game Tester for THQ working on several AAA titles including:
    • HomeFront
    • Saints Row III
    • Darksiders II
    • WWE13
  • Animator, Editor, and Illustrator for TheGoSite

Conventions: Artist Alley (Attended)

  • Tucson Comic Con
  • Amazing Arizona Con
  • DevCon
  • Taiyou Con
  • Kikori Con
  • Con Nichiwa
  • Saboten

Educational and Professional Development:
During High School Chad went into a Media Production program where he created cartoons that played on the morning announcements. During that time he also entered in a number of competitions both locally and nationally, having one awards from each.

After High School Chad went to the Art Institute of Phoenix where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation with highest honors. While he was there he was acting President of the SIGGRAPH club on campus.

Chad and TheGoSite:
Chad has been with TheGoSite from it's early development, creating visuals, animations, and providing voice overs. Chad is also the designer and animator of Gobi, TheGoSite's mascot. Chad is happy to be a member of TheGoSite, and looks forward to the possibilities with Comics at TheGoSite.