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Elite Athletic Performance

Elite Athletic Performance

Daniel Payseur has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, concentration in Strength and Conditioning from Appalachian State University. As an undergraduate student, he assisted the Appalachian State University Football’s Strength Program. During which, Appalachian State was able to win 3 consecutive FCS National Championships and have numerous NFL draft picks. Daniel was then invited back as a Graduate Assistant and received a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, concentrating in research.

Daniel has conducted extensive award winning research examining different exercise protocols and their effects upon various physiological systems. He has also been invited to lecture in both academic and commercial settings on a wide array of topics ranging from cardiovascular physiology and pathology to Olympic weightlifting.

Daniel worked with David at The Academy for Athletic Development as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. While there he played an integral role in both refining the protocol and in training athletes from all sports.

Daniel also worked at Phoenix Physical Therapy and Sport Performance, He worked as the Director of Sport Performance directly under owner and former University of Miami strength coach, Lisa Ciaravella. Here he had a variety of duties including Directing all Sport Performance and Spinal Cord Rehab as well as therapy assistance.

Throughout his professional and academic career he has had the opportunity to work in many different settings related to exercise science. Because of this he has been able to work with individuals ranging from professional athletes to spinal cord injury patients