David Koerner

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United States Performance Center (Olympic Training Center)

United States Performance Center (Olympic Training Center)


David's interest in developing athletes can be traced back to his experience as a football and track athlete in high school and in college where he was active in football and boxing. He received a football scholarship to Valparaiso University where he played both cornerback and quarterback. It was then that he discovered his true passion and talent for facilitating athletic development and made the decision to transfer to Iowa State University. While at ISU playing Quarterback, he became the assistant strength coach under Steve Ballanger. David received his degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in coaching.

David has since then founded two highly specialized performance enhancement facilities and has become a member of the United States Weight Lifting Association and The National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has held certifications as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Sports Performance Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and as a Youth Fitness Specialist for over 15 years.

David has worked with athletes of all developmental ages and levels. From his experience, knowledge, and passion, he has developed a unique protocol for Athletic Development though years of research and refined training techniques. This protocol continues to show amazing results in each individual, giving each athlete the ability to achieve levels of performance they thought were unreachable allowing athletes to reach their full potential.

David is married to his wife Justine and has four children Dawson, Jacob, Faith and Noah.