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Mind and Motivational Training (Coach it Forward)

Eric Hoffberg has always been a coach. Even before he became a coach he was thinking about wanting to be a coach. The truth is he thought about coaching when he was just a kid - constantly. Eric wanted to be a hockey coach starting when he was somewhere around 10 or 11 years old. He achieved that dream and spent 16 years coaching hockey - college, then pro – and just to give some perspective, when he was a hockey coach he thought he was put on this planet to be just that “a hockey coach”. But his journey has resulted in new adventures.

Today Eric has taken all that he learned about leadership, about coaching and about creating high performing teams and is now coaching corporate executives. A good portion of his role in this coaching relationship is to help the corporate leader focus more on the importance of a clearly defined team culture that emphasizes a collective understanding of, and commitment to, High Quality Mind Management. Great teams in any walk of life are committed to being prepared mentally, to being able to think in a High Quality Way when under pressure and to an overall approach to things that connects great thinking to great attitude and great energy. I help corporate leaders build these types of teams.

Eric has spent time in a coaching role working on Leadership Training, Culture Building and High Quality Mind Management with leaders and executives at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Unilever, Stryker, Paychex, Union Bank, Marriott Hotels, ADP, Canada Post, the F.D.A., and with Special and Elite Forces in both the military and in law enforcement, just to name a few.

He also spend a great deal of my time working with athletes. Eric’s system for training athletes to be more mentally tough is entirely based on one simple idea: If you want to be good at something you need to work at it. Eric is a personal trainer for the mind for the athlete the way you might have a personal trainer for the body. He provides the workout that helps the athlete become mentally stronger, mentally more agile and mentally more flexible.

Eric works with college athletes, prep, professional, every level from 15-16 years old and above. He has worked with athletes that have been Olympians, with National Champions and with many that deserve star recognition just for the way they achieved with their own personal dreams.

The compliment he likes best from an athlete client might just sound something like this:

“Hoff has helped me build my blueprint for being mentally tough. He has taught me to understand what style of thinking works well for me. He has shown me real mental toughness for an athlete comes from having an overall approach to everything I do in life. I have a great attitude about my life as an athlete because of the thoughts I choose to think. It takes work to be aware of your thoughts and to know how to choose the right thoughts. I have learned to do this work."

Eric has written a book on strength training for the mind called THINK STRONG for Athletes. THINK STRONG Reminders, another book of mine, brings focus to an entire approach to life that centers on how to manage thought choice in a High Quality Way. The name of his company is Coach It Forward.