Jenna Lee Branner

Since the age of two, Jenna has wanted nothing more than to dance. Classically trained until she began jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary at the age of 8, she has studied every style of dance from west african to tango. She grew up in the competition and convention circuit in North Carolina while also frequently traveling to New York, Los Angeles, and Italy as well as various cities on convention tours to train with and assist world renowned choreographers from every background and discipline.

Her style combines strength with unique artistry that has been generated from her diverse training. Now as a both a dancer and choreographer in LA Jenna specializes in contemporary and hip hop, however she does everything from international company work to award winning competition team choreography in every style of dance.

Professional Overview


Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards – Black Eyed Peas (Fatima Robinson) Dancer
MTV World Dance Movement Documentary – Primary Dancer
Tezoro Productions Instructional Dance Videos – Dancer
LA Fashion Week – Dancer and Choreographer
BCBG Generation Promotion Event – Dancer and Choreographer
The Picasso Project – World Dance Movement Company Dancer

Training and Assistant Work:

Caroline Lewis, Michele Assaf, Desmond Richardson, Stacey Tookey, Fatima Robinson, Dana Foglia, Dennis Caspary, Joshua Pelatsky, Bruno Collinet, Allyson Weir, Dee Caspary, Nick Bass, and Mandy Moore.

Choreography Credits:

UCLA Dance Team
UCLA Competition Team – USA Nationals 2010, 2011, 2012
FASTCoLA – UCLA Fashion Shows, Tigerheat, BCBG Events
Various studios, companies, and teams – Solo, Duet/Trios, Group Routines
World Dance Movement Final Gala

Educational and Professional Development:

Jenna is 23 years old and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Although thriving in LA, she is a southern girl at heart as her roots are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jenna recently received her Bachelor of the Arts degree from University of California Los Angeles, in June 2012, majoring in Italian and Film. She has been a passionate dancer for 21 years now and has performed in the Rose Bowl as captain of the UCLA Dance Team, the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for the Black Eyed Peas, MTV’s World Dance Movement documentary, and many more. From local LA dance studios to the international World Dance Movement workshop, she travels the world dancing, choreographing, and teaching nutrition to dancers everywhere.

Jenna is also an IIN certified health coach, a certified personal trainer, an NSA Juice Plus Sales Coordinator and a health and fitness fanatic. From her work in the industry to her innovativeness in the kitchen, she strives to empower people both physically and mentally through nutrition, fitness, healthy recipes, and inspiration to change their life.

Jenna and The Go Site:

Jenna is unbelievably excited to be a part of TheGoSite because she sees the potential of how many people it can help by further developing their current passions and giving them the resources to start a new fun activity. Dance is rapidly growing in the U.S. as a popular source of exercise, entertainment, and artistic expression. Just a few years ago, dance was scarce in Film, Television, and Digital Media while now it plays a major role in almost every genre of entertainment.

TheGoSite will be a catalyst for both children and adults to experience dance in whatever form best suits their desired involvement and skill level, making it easy and fun for anyone to get their bodies moving and grooving!