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Sports Professional

I have been an athlete all my life, in fact my parents have told me I’ve been running ever since I could walk. I have played many different sports over the years but my favorite team sport has always been lacrosse. After playing at the collegiate level for four years, it seemed a natural transition to coach the sport I love. Fourteen years later, I am still sharing my knowledge and love of the game with young people. Along with coaching Lacrosse, I have coached Field Hockey, Cross Country, Track, Gymnastics and Cheerleading. I enjoy staying active…running, swimming, biking, hiking, surfing, anything that keeps me moving and I am currently training for my 18th marathon. I began my career by becoming a personal trainer while competing as a lightweight power lifter in college. I developed my specialty into speed, agility and injury prevention over the years and have had much success in keeping my athletes on the field and off of the injured list. I studied biology in college and thought I wanted to go to medical school until I fell in love with coaching young people. There is nothing better than sharing your love of a sport with someone who is eager to learn from you. You can really make a difference in both the athlete and the person they develop into.


  • American Red Cross-CPR & AED Certification
  • American Red Cross-Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training
  • American Red Cross-Sports Safety and First Aid Certification
  • CPT-Specializing in Speed and Agility Training
  • USATF-Level 1 Track and Field Coach Certification
  • US Lacrosse-Level 1 Lacrosse Coach Certification
  • NFHS Concussion in Sports
  • NFHS Heat Acclimatization
  • NFHS Sportsmanship
  • NFHS Creating a Safe & Respectful Environment

Penny and The Go Site:

I joined The Go Site because of my love of sports and staying active. I am interested in trying some new activities and also sharing my skill and knowledge of lacrosse with others. The Go Site is a great place to meet “like-minded” people, make new friends and keep yourself healthy, so LET’S GO!!!