Tina Marie Mendieta

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MS, RD/LDN, Dietician, Specialist in Family Nutrition and Child Obesity

MS, RD/LDN, Dietician, Specialist in Family Nutrition and Child Obesity

Two-time Recipient of Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Nutrition by South Carolina Dietetic Association and Glaxco-Smith Corporation

Much sought after Presenter of Nutrition-related seminars and workshops for Children, Adults and Families. Tina Marie received her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina where she also served as President of the Student Dietetic Association. Her entrepreneurial approach to the field of nutrition while in graduate school led to her first bestowal of the “Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Nutrition” Award. Her second bestowal of this prestigious award occurred while she worked for the Mecklenburg County Health Department as the Dietitian serving the families of Preschool and Elementary School children. Once again, it was her innovative spirit coupled with heartfelt passion and ability to inspire others that led the Glaxco-Smith Corporation to recognize and honor her with this nationally-recognized award.

Tina Marie currently owns and operates a professional speaking and consulting business in the Charlotte, North Carolina area that provides seminars for professionals and the lay public on topics such as anti-aging, children’s wellness, whole-food nutrition, stress management, and safe exercise. She currently teaches on-site and online weight loss classes and has helped participants lose hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in excess weight as well as decrease and even discontinue their medications to treat high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes. A former Personal Trainer and Trainer of Fitness Instructors, Tina Marie volunteers as a Zumba dance instructor at a local church and is the proud mother of three children, Esteban, Matias, and Sophia Elisa.

After 23 years of health and nutrition-related classes for children, adults and families, as well as numerous speaking engagements, workshops and healthy cooking classes, Tina Marie has shown thousands of people the way to prevent disease, eat healthier, perform effective, injury-free fitness and achieve optimal health. She is an inspiration to many and passionate about motivating and teaching others how to live their best life!