General Information

What is Ballet?

Ballet is the technical structure and the solid base of all other styles of dance. It allows you as a dancer to develop your strength, flexibility, coordination, lines, musicality, and technique. Although considered not as “fun” as other styles of dance, ballet is imperative to study before you progress to other forms of dance.

Ballet can range from typical performances of a Russian twenty minute one act to the ever popular Nutcracker multi-hour show. Classical music still holds the majority vote in style; however contemporary jazz, rock, or hip-hop styles also have become popular. Costumes range from straight out of a king’s closet to modern day street clothes. One may dance in “pointe” shoes, move freely in jazz shoes, or even perform in sneakers depending on the genre. Modern direction and artistic choices can move ballet far beyond the walls of a proscenium, and create a show wherever one pleases.