Getting Started / 101

Get Ready for Your First Time

Camping can be a very rewarding experience. It brings individuals together whether it be friends or family. The amount of fun you have on your camping trip all depends on your pre-planning. You want to make sure that you have a safe and comfortable trip.

Make sure to pack everything you need and more, especially when it comes to food, water, and clothes. Choosing a tent that fits everyone comfortably is extremely important. Make sure to practice assembling a new tent before taking it out to the campsite, you o not want to be fumbling setting up a tent late into the night. Always have plastic zip-lock bags to keep things you want dry.

Also, choose your campground accordingly, if you are far off the beaten path make sure you are setting up in a safe location. When choosing a location you want a level spot that’s clear of debris. You don’t want to camp on ether low or high ground, try and find a nice in-between. Also, never camp near a lone tree in places with rainy weather.
While camping, realize your impact on the environment; use biodegradable materials, including soap.

Do not bury food scraps as it will be found by the local wildlife, and best not to keep around open food near the campsite for the same reason. Always take your time regardless of what you are doing, camping is meant to be an escape from the busyness of the world, no need to bring that mentality with you.


• Practice setting up your tent before heading to the campsite.
• Arrive early to give yourself enough time to set up camp before dark.
• If you camp near water, be sure that it is moving water to avoid insects.
• Use rocks to help keep tent stakes in place, or use rocks inside the tent near the corners.
• Spend the time and money on tents and sleeping bags that work for you as these are the two most important items.
• Always bring spare clothing, having extra socks never hurts.
• When shopping for a tent, generally a “3 person” tent does not fit “3” people comfortably. It’s best to go a size up.

Beginner's Checklist

• Tent
• Sleeping bags
• Hiking Boots
• Pocketknife
• First Aid Kit
• Compass/Map
• Sunglasses
• Bug Repellant
• Sunblock
• Hat
• Plenty of Water
• Flashlight
• Fire Starter/Matches/Lighter
• Duct Tape
• Shovel
• Plastic Zip-Lock Bags