General Information

What is Canoeing

Canoes are generally used for recreation today.  They are great for transporting one or two people quietly across potentially hazardous water conditions that would be impassable to almost any other craft. Canoeing takes place on virtually all types of waterways in all types of conditions. From crossing tropical waters from island to island to braving inland icy winter waters. Canoes are suitable for downriver travel in small spring creeks and easy to portage around impassible obstructions such as waterfalls, lay-down trees and low water conditions. If there is water, a canoe is not far away. People of all age ranges can paddle these crafts, and with experience almost anyone to can progress to advanced water conditions.

A canoe is a small narrow boat built in modern times from plastic in molds or fiberglass, carbon and nomex fiber sandwich construction. Canoes have open decks and seats fore and aft with thwarts to keeps the hull from collapsing from water pressure. Some paddlers choose to replace their seats with pedestals and knee cups generally used in racing. This seating position allows a lower center of gravity and the ability to make a stronger stroke. Canoe paddlers use a single bladed paddle made from wood or high tech fiberglass, carbon or nomex fibers to direct the craft as desired.