General Information

What is Cheer Dance?

Cheer dance is dance combined with cheerleading. It consists of fast paced, high energy jazz moves while holding pom-poms, and is combined with other elements of cheerleading such as crowd pleasing stunts, visual effects, and vocal call-outs. Usually cheer dance squads emphasize precise, synchronized motions along with technical dance skills such as turns, leaps, and kicks.

They also incorporate various styles of dance such as hip hop, jazz, and “kickline” style. There are many different categories and levels of cheer dance that range from middle school “all star” teams, to high school “drill teams”, to collegiate “spirit squad dance teams”, to professional dance squads such as the “Laker Girls.” (See “Cheer Dance History” to read about the different levels in more detail.) Although most cheer dance practice, performance, and competition team opportunities don’t begin until the high school age, there are tons of cheer dance camps, workshops, and “All Star” teams that younger dancers can participate in.