Topical History

History of Cheer Dance

Cheer dance has developed over time to offer performance and competition opportunities to virtually any dancer at every age and ability level. Most dancers start in high school, promoting school spirit with dance, including competitions and performances at sporting events. Some schools have their dancers perform short sideline dances and dance at pep rallies. Not all cheer dancers begin in high school. A majority of cheer dancers start their dancing careers in all-star dance squads who have major tryouts and large scale competitions. These dancers are typically experienced dancers who have decided to pursue a serious career in cheer dancing.

The next step up from high school dance squad is the collegiate dance squad level. These college squads include competition and performance dance, but are mainly featured at large sporting events and games. Even though they may look like “cheerleaders” on national television sports broadcasting since they are holding pom-poms, almost every university has a separate “dance team.” College dancers at major universities are usually a large attraction for ESPN shout outs and highlight reels of big athletic events.

The most prestigious level of cheer dance is the professional level, including but not limited to NFL, NBA, MLS, and NLL. These cheer dancers are usually extremely talented dancers who have had some sort of college dance team experience. Beyond your dance skills, in order to be considered at this level you must also be fit and healthy, a talented spokeswoman, and the ideal representation of that particular organization or team.