Equipment for the Beginner

Shoes are the primary investment that you will want to make when beginning cheer classes.
Cheerleading shoes are available at most sporting goods stores and online as well. These specifically
designed shoes will assist in jumping and tumbling as well as be more comfortable for stunting.


  • Water bottle (Stay away from sugary sports drinks!)
  • Towel
  • Ponytail holders


Due to safety, cheerleaders have a specific dress code when taking classes and when performing.


Your hair should be pulled away from your face and shoulders so as not to interfere with climbing
partner stunts. Most cheerleaders pull their hair into a high ponytail and finish off the look with a cute


Your shirt should be tight fitting as loose shirts can catch a foot from another cheerleader and cause a
fall when stunting. Most cheerleaders wear either tight fitting t shirts or tank tops. Because you will
be learning and perfecting strong arm motions, long sleeves are not advised as it hides your arms and
the instructor can’t see if you are doing the motions correctly.


Shorts are very important in a cheer class. Although their are shorts on the market that are referred
to as “cheer” shorts, you want to make sure you are wearing shorts that you can stunt in and that
someone will not slip on when stunting with you.

Slippery, plastic shorts are NOT appropriate for cheer practice.
Shorts that are tight fitting with a cotton blend are perfect for cheering, dancing, and stunting.
No long pants, leggings, jeans, etc. are allowed.


While you may not want to invest in cheerleading shoes for your first class, wearing appropriate shoes
is very important because you will very likely be climbing on others while learning how to stunt. Make
sure your shoes do not have heavy treads on the bottom but are designed with cheering, dancing or
tumbling in mind. Running shoes are NOT appropriate.