History of Cheerleading

If you want to know how cheerleading began, check out The International Cheer
. You will enjoy reading about how cheerleading started as an all male pep club in 1880’s at Princeton University. And what did their chants sound like?

You guessed it - Rah, Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom Aaaaah!

According to the article, the pep club idea had caught on at several universities by the 1890’s, hoping to increase the enthusiasm in the stands during their football and rugby games. In 1898, the University of Minnesota elected several students to assist in the leading of chants to help them defeat Northwestern University in their final game of the season. Jack, “Johnny” Campbell is credited with being the first “yell” leader to pick up a megaphone and yell through it to the crowd. The University of Minnesota continued to pave the way for cheerleading by electing the first women cheerleaders in 1923. Not until World War II, though, did women take over the majority in cheerleading.

Today, cheerleading is a very popular activity, that carries on the original role of increasing enthusiasm in the stands as well as offers opportunities for competition on the local, state, national and world levels.