How To Find Cheerleading Instruction

Cheerleading can be a fun weekly activity or it can be a major year round commitment. Deciding on
what your goals are will help you decide on where to choose to get your cheerleading instruction.

If you live in a smaller town you may not have many choices but most likely, there is at least one
cheer gym available in your city as well as a local YMCA that will offer cheerleading instruction.
Additionally, many gymnastic facilities are now offering cheerleading classes and teams. So check
those out as well.

Below are some questions to ask yourself as well as things to consider when you are doing your
research on the cheerleading instruction available in your area. As safety is such an important factor
in cheerleading, pay special attention to how the different instructional facilities handle safety as part
of their particular program.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I want to cheer competitively year round, traveling multiple weekends for competitions or do I
    want to prepare for my school cheerleading tryouts?
  • How far away am I willing to travel to take class?
  • Can my family afford the costs of training, uniforms, competition fees and travel?
  • How many days per week will I have for classes, practices, and private tumbling lessons?