Tournaments are held nation-wide and year long in the USA and worldwide. Sanctioned Tournament play is communicated through the Professional Disc Golf Association Membership. The PDGA provides international, professional, and amateur disc golf tournaments as well as communicates event results, opinions and other information beneficial to the sport via electronic and printed media. In 1982, the PDGA hosted the first World Championship Tournament. Since then, the World Championships have been held in 17 different American states, as well as Toronto, ON.

Disc golf tournaments are popular around the world. As with traditional golf, there are many championship tournaments. One of the largest is the United States Disc Golf Championship.

Every year, the largest teams tournament in the world is held in Austin, Texas, by John Houck.

To prove the year-round sustainability of the sport, annual winter tournaments known as Ice Bowls are held at courses around the world. Using the motto "No Wimps, No Whiners", Ice Bowls collectively are designed to create sport awareness, and are considered charity events that typically benefit a food bank local to a given tournament location. The official Web site reports that the 2010 Ice Bowls raised over $250,000 and donated over 67,000 pounds of food in the 222 tournaments for the year.

Today there is a professional tour that sustains a living for players from all over the world. Players such as Paul McBeth, David Feldberg, and Ricky Wysocki tour year round the globe winning tournaments and teaching and promoting disc golf. Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sport in the world.