Equipment and Gear

While many sports have specific needs and requirements, diving is relatively simple for the beginner. A swimsuit and a towel is all that is required to get started. Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit (two-piece bikini style swimwear is not recommended), and boys should wear a swimsuit that has a drawstring to keep it secure.


Male divers wear either swim briefs or jammers (thigh-length trunks). Female divers must wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Aqua Towel

An aqua Towel y is a small highly absorbent cloth that divers use to dry off between dives. It is a highly prized piece of equipment in the diving world. It is much easier to use than a bulky towel that once it is wet, stays wet. With the aqua towel, one quick squeeze and it is dry and ready to use again.

Safe Diving Area

In most pools where diving is allowed, you will need a spring board or platform to dive off of. In open water it’s very important to make sure the depth of the water you are diving in is deep enough.