• Water Bottle
• Sweat Towel
• Yoga Mat (if taking a Dance Yoga class)



All workout/fitness apparel works for any type of fitness dance class. Leggings, spandex shorts, and tight or loose fitting tops with sports bras work for everything. You will want to feel secure, comfortable, and appropriate so that you can take the class with confidence and focus more on your body than your outfit. You can always wear normal dance attire as well. (See the buying guide for specific examples.)


Stick with a T-shirt and shorts. Comfortable sneakers will be necessary for any type of cardio dance or zumba class. For a “bar method” class or dance yoga class you will be fine going barefoot. If you are going to a pole dancing fitness class then you can rock some comfy high heels or go barefoot. Your hair can be whatever you want! If you have extremely long hair you might want to pull it back away from your face to keep it from bothering you and distracting from your dancing.