Getting Started / 101

Get Ready For Your First Time

Get pumped up! Watch some dance videos on youtube or listen to your favorite upbeat songs. Get motivated by reminding yourself of your personal goals and why you want to use this fun dance style to get fit!

Here is a great introduction for beginners trying out Fitness Dance for the first time! Watch for a basic zumba lesson with Diana Lopez.

Preparation and Training

No preparation is necessary! However, if you really want to work on a few things before your first class, focus on rhythm and your ability to pick up basic dance choreography. To improve your rhythm, find your favorite Youtube music video and practice “step clapping” to the beat. Gangnam style is a great one to start out with.) You can also look up tutorial videos (like basic Zumba moves) on Youtube and begin learning some of them ahead of time if you wish.

Here is a fantastic fitness dance instructional video. Simple beats with simple moves when done fast becomes a great workout!

The best way to prepare for any fitness class is to gradually start working up to a moderate cardio and strength fitness level. You don’t want your fitness dance class to be the first time you’ve raised your heart rate in months. By taking a week or two to build up your endurance you will get more physical results and more enjoyment out of your first fitness dance class. Before your class, you might want to properly warm-up and stretch your body to avoid injuries.


Relax and don’t be nervous! Anyone can take a fitness dance class even if you’ve never had an ounce of dance training in your life. Usually there will be 10 to 20 (or even more!) students in each class so you will be able to blend into the crowd if you are nervous about standing out. The whole reason you are taking a class like this is because it is a fun way to exercise! We bet you will leave the studio wanting more and you will want to sign up for another class immediately.

Beginner Check List

• Water bottle
• Sweat towel
• Ponytail holder to pull your hair back away from your face
• Great attitude and work ethic
• Friend or a group of friends to make it more fun
• Comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the class you are taking