Skill Level Descriptions


A beginner’s a beginner. You do not need any prior dance experience to go out and dance in a fitness class. Patience and practice is key for a beginner. Fitness dance classes are usually repetitive combos that create a high intensity cardio workout or they are other fitness genres such as yoga or pilates combined with dance movements. Fitness dancing is an extremely fun and creative way to workout with lots of emphasis on musicality and working hard.

Do not feel overwhelmed if your style does not exactly match the others in the class or at the fitness studio. It’s all about making the choreography your own and simply having fun! large majority of fitness dancing is learning combinations on the spot and following a leader. Watching and learning is crucial, but most important is to just relax and have fun no matter how awkward you feel!


Most fitness dance classes have their own levels of intensity. However, you do not have to be pre qualified at the “designated level” to try out the class for the first time. Most zumba classes will have many “level 1” classes for beginners, and a few “level 2” and “level 3” classes. We suggest that even if you are an experienced dancer, when you approach a new studio or class, check out the intensity of the “level 1” or beginner class before you go for the more advanced level.

Also, the more styles of dance you've studied the more comfortable and “intermediate” you will be in a higher level class. The skills you will develop in class to quickly pick up choreography and style can carry over into many different styles of dance.


Coordination, musicality, intricate footwork, and a faster teaching pace are all attributes of an advanced fitness class. Advanced classes might be overwhelming for a beginner fitness dancer. Without the basic knowledge acquired from beginner and intermediate classes, it might be difficult to keep up. You can definitely go for it if you are feeling confident in your general level of fitness but we recommend starting from the bottom and working up.

Sometimes, just observing some advanced classes as a beginner will help you set goals for yourself and get excited about the opportunity to progress to a higher level.