General Information

What is Fitness?

Many people will give you a different answer when you ask this question. While everyone may have a slightly different opinion on what qualifies a person as being physically fit, a basic definition is the physical ability to perform a wide variety of tasks that require varying physical demands. These demands may include cardio-respiratory/muscular endurance, muscular strength, muscular power, or flexibility. While a person’s body composition (fat free mass as compared to fat mass) is positively affected by exercise, being skinny or “ripped” does not necessarily mean that a person is fit.

When setting out to achieve fitness, it is better to focus and set goals on completing certain tasks (such as squatting a set weight, running a 5k at a goal time, increasing your vertical jump height, or simply bending over to touch your toes) rather than the number displayed on the bathroom scale. Weight is not a good indication of fitness.

The great thing about general fitness is that it is open-ended. Basically any mode of exercise requires some degree of fitness. Whether you are playing a pick-up basketball game at the park, running in a road race, lifting weights at the gym, or swimming in the pool with your kids; most activities require a certain amount of endurance, strength, power, core strength and flexibility. The President’s Council on Fitness has defined physical fitness as the general capacity to adapt and respond favorably to physical effort. In other words, you challenge your body to go beyond what it is used to doing and it responds by growing stronger and more able to meet the demands of living and competing.

It is possible to achieve a certain level of fitness without really possessing true health. The Go Site strives to help you achieve both! You can run and jump and lift and stretch while enjoying a balanced immune system, low inflammation and a positive supply of energy for performance and life! At The Go Site we want to empower you to take responsibility for your health. Your choices and habits impact your total well-being – Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally and Spiritually.