Skill Level Descriptions


What is the best exercise you can do to start a workout program? The answer is tricky. The best fitness program is the one you will do! Moving your body is the goal. If you are currently a self-proclaimed couch potato, start with the 10 minute Promise. Do something active for 10 minutes. As your body warms up and your blood starts flowing you will find that you choose to go longer. Walking, swimming and biking combined with basic muscle exercises and stretching are perfect activities for a beginner. It is a great idea to invest in a personal trainer or group exercise program so that you can take advantage of a customized, injury-free start based on your current level of fitness! The Go Site will help you with a conservative approach designed to accomplish your individual goals while decreasing the chance that an injury will occur. It is never too late to start a fitness program AND even a few minutes of activity is better than nothing. Just start moving your body!

Medical Considerations: A website cannot replace personal guidance from a trained exercise professional and clearance from your physician. Seek information from your community and The Go Site recommended professionals from local YMCA’s, private gyms and studios, universities, and certified personal trainers. Before embarking on any fitness program you should consider a medical evaluation of your current health status. If you have a medical problem, have never exercised,or are over 35 it is imperative that you consult with your physician concerning any special precautions or contraindications.


You can now walk or jog a mile with comfort. You have more energy and notice that you are sleeping better. Now is an excellent time to add in some body confusion techniques. Changing your routine frequently helps to challenge and surprise your body leading to faster results. The Go Site and our recommended fitness professionals will introduce you to helpful techniques like interval training, circuit training, functional exercises, and many other cutting-edge strategies based on exercise physiology research.


Advanced fitness involves sport-specific training, preparation for competition, and a time commitment of more than one hour per day. Finding a great coach or trainer or joining a team is imperative at this level.