Skill Level Descriptions


  • Light to moderate day Hikes.
  • Beginner Hikes should stay around 5 hours.
  • This should be done a well maintained path with easy terrain.
  • Beginners should avoid paths with large increase in elevation.


  • Best suited for those with basic level of wilderness travel.
  • Should have completed at least several camping trips.
  • Trails and camping grounds should be accessible by car.
  • Light backpacking might be necessary on this type of trip.
  • Often ranging 5 to 10 hours Hiking time.


  • Meant for major expeditions, usually in remote locations.
  • Backpacking is often necessary during these Hikes.
  • Gear and equipment is extremely important on these types of Hikes.
  • Will most likely include narrow trails, rock hopping, and loose rock trekking.