You will definitely want to invest some comfy sneakers. In hip hop class your shoes represent you and your style so just wear some that represent you. You’ll see everything from black low-cut Vans to neon colored high-top Reeboks. If you are in a breaking or b-boy class you will want to have a hat or a beanie cap for headspins and other trick moves. Generally you want more loose fitting, full coverage street style apparel. See the apparel section for more details. Rent available (RA) or Purchase (P) (next to the item note if RA is available)
You don’t want someone else’s sweaty pants or stinky shoes so I suggest buying everything new!


• Water bottle (Stay away from sugary sports drinks!)
• Towel
• Ponytail holder to pull your hair back out of your face!
• Band Aids to help break in those new shoes!



Generally anything goes in hip hop class. Street clothes are acceptable as long as you can move in them. Sweatpants, sneakers, and a t-shirt or loose fitting tank top is a popular combination but again just wear something you feel comfortable in. Also, depending on the style of the teacher or class you might want a different choice of outfit. For example, if a choreographer has more of a “feminine” style class, women might want to wear more tighter-fitting clothes that show off their body lines.

For a children’s hip hop class, you will see more regular dance clothes being worn with the simple addition of sneakers. However, encouraging them to put on sweatpants over their dance shorts will help them get more into the hip hop style and feel more comfortable with the moves and combinations being taught. Ballet and hip hop are two very different genres even though they are connected through technique. You will definitely want to dress accordingly for each class to make that transition.


Whatever you want! If you have extremely long hair you might want to pull it back away from your face to keep it from bothering you and distracting from your dancing.


The main fashion statement of a hip hop class. Your shoes should represent your personality and your own style. Anything from general running shoes, to high-top Nike sneakers, to low-riding vans are perfect. You just want to make sure you can move in your sneakers and that they are comfortable so you don’t have to deal with blisters. Have fun with it and pick out some that make you excited to wear them to dance class!

E/G/A Intermediate / Advanced:

Apparel and gear is standard across the board whether you are in a beginner, intermediate or advanced class.