General Information

What is Hip Hop?

Hip hop is not easy to define, but is generally described as street dancing. There are many different styles and moves that fall under the genre of hip hop. Three primary styles that have tens of hundreds of subgroups below them are breaking, popping, and locking.

Breaking or “b-boying” includes styles such as down rock, top rock, freezes, standing, and power moves. Transitions between these moves involve drops, stabs, slides, or kicks. Locking, is similar to performing freezes, but is a series of sudden pauses that are not held for as long as a freeze move.

Popping, as the umbrella term for gliding, sliding or floating, involves the lower body performing moves separate from the upper body. These styles are broad definitions for moves that morph into an individual dancers style. Unlike older dance styles such as ballet that have set motions and performance techniques, hip hop is a young dance genre. Hip hop is constantly changing as new dancers incorporate new customizations and add their own unique approach.