Topical History

History of Hip Hop

Hip Hop was made popular in the 1970’s on shows such as Soul Train by showcasing different dancing crews. These different groups and crews began making their way into mainstream films such as “Breakin” in the 80’s, increasing the overall popularity of the style. Many branches of hip hop would then break off into styles that are still used and constantly morphing today. For example, old moves like the “Charleston” from the 1920’s may be incorporated into contemporary styles of hip hop today with a modern twist.

In the 1990’s and 2000’s, videos such as America’s Best Dance Crew and Step Up ( 1, 2, and 3,), helped spread the popularity of hip hop beyond different cultural backgrounds. Main stream media and the internet have dramatically changed the speed and rate of which certain dance moves become popular. Once a song or a video of a new dance move goes viral, a new style of dance is created. Now, dance competitions and educational dance classes have helped maintain hip hop as a worldwide presence. The constantly changing freestyle and improvisational nature of hip hop has furthered its popularity with no visible end in sight.