Equipment and Gear

Since kayaking is a fast growing sport many new paddlers are unsure of what to bring along on their first few outings. Knowing what to bring is the first step in kayaking.

This list will depend upon the weather in which you are paddling. The best rule of thumb is to dress for the temperature of the water not the air. If you are paddling in cold water be sure to add a water proof paddling jacket and a wet suit or dry suit as conditions dictate. Hypothermia can and does happen very quickly, especially when dealing with cold water and wind chills. Clothes made of cotton are not recommended as they increase your chances of hypothermia.


In order to have a safe and enjoyable Kayaking experience, make sure to use the appropriate pieces of gear and equipment. Aside from a kayak, you need a double-bladed paddle, clothing, and other tools and devices which will help make your paddling trip a successful one. In this section, take a closer look at the different pieces of equipment and gear used in Kayaking.

Understanding the nature of kayaking is important as well. Being mentally prepared for the task at hand in very important. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, Maintain a positive attitude and set achievable goals and you will have enjoyable outings.

You will also need to learn the specific skills and get the right pieces of equipment. Equip yourself with the right skills and gear so you can enjoy Kayaking - at sea, in the river, or as a competitive event.

  • Listen to your instructor, he/she has important information for you and may make a big difference in the quality of your experience.
  • Learn the different strokes and techniques, be aware of your abilities and do not exceed them.
  • Make sure the seat is adjusted to fit your body. You will want an upright sitting position to enable you to use your core muscle group(big) instead of your arm muscles (small).
  • Kayaking is not "laid back" sport sit up and have your power available to you should you need it. Adjusting the seat while on the water is hard to do even in favorable conditions.