Equipment Breakdown and Features

Features of a Kayak

Knowing the different parts of a kayak and learning what they are used for, can shorten your learning curve on how to maneuver the craft the right way. In this section, let’s take a look at the different elements that make up a typical Kayak:


This is the front of the boat.

Hatches (front and rear)

These are semi watertight compartments on the foredeck and rear deck designed to aid in floatation should your craft become swamped.

Footrests / Foot braces

For better control and maneuverability, a Kayak has adjustable features or bracing system in which you can put the balls of your feet.

Deck lines / Shock cords / Grab lines

These are the lines you see in X pattern at the deck. Deck lines can be used in rescue operations and in stowing several essential items.

Cockpit Rim / Coaming

This is the edge of the cockpit wear the spray skirt is stretched over, it is elevated to help stop water from entering the cockpit.


The Cockpit is where the paddler is the opening where the paddler enters the boat and sits.


This refers to the back end of the boat.


This is the lower half of the boat.