Equipment Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Essential Gear

Lacrosse Stick:

Pre-built stick: $35 and up

Customized stick: Head: $30 and up Shaft: $39 and up

Mesh Stringing Kit: $15 and up


Youth Helmet: $100 and up

Adult Helmet: $120 and up


Youth Gloves: $30 and up

Adult Gloves: $45 and up

Elbow Pads:

Youth Elbow Pads: $20 and up

Adult Elbow Pads: $30 and up

Shoulder Pads:

Youth Shoulder Pads: $40 and up

Adult Shoulder Pads: $ 50 and up

Rib Pads:

Youth Rib Pads: $30 and up

Adult Rib Pads: $35 and up

Goalie Gear:

Chest Protector: $60 and up

Throat Guard: $10 and up

Balls and Goals


Half Dozen: $10 and up

Case (120 Balls): $150 and up


Home use: $100 and up

Practice use: $230 and up

Game use: $450 and up

Net: $55 and up


Equipment Bag: $40 and up

Equipment Backpack: $40 and up

Ball Bag: $35 and up

Chin Strap: $10 and up

Coaches Hardware Kit: $30 and up


Mouthguards should meet properly fitted guidelines set by the Academy for Sports Dentistry,

A properly fitted mouthguard must be used in all lacrosse practices and games at all levels of play. You have a few options when choosing a mouthguard. A custom made mouthguard will give you the most protection and will be the most comfortable, but is the most costly and requires two trips to the dentist. A boil and bite mouthguard is the less expensive option that most players choose. A boil and bite mouthguard can be found at most sports retailers. Be prepared that multiple mouthguards may be needed with continued play because they can deteriorate over time.