Playing Area and Goals

Playing Area and Goals

DIMENSIONS: 110 yards long, 53 1/3-60 yards wide, with 15 yards
between goal line and end line.

BOX: defensive/goal area defined by box on each end of the field.

MIDFIELD LINE: the center line that runs across middle of field with an X
in the middle and 2 wing area lines on either side for faceoffs.

GOAL CREASE: 9-foot radius circle around the goal, 18 feet in diameter.

SUBSTITUTION AREA: players enter game through this area.

TEAM BENCH AREA: positioned between scorer’s table and end line.

SCORER’S/TIMER’S TABLE: score, time, penalty, and substitution area.

COACHING AREA: where coaches are permitted to roam.

SPECTATOR AREA: 6 yards from the sideline opposite team benches
and never behind goal line.