General Information

What is Woman's Lacrosse

Considered “the fastest game on two feet” lacrosse is a team sport played with 11 field players and a goalie. The game is played with a small rubber ball that is passed, caught, carried and shot with a netted stick.

The object of the game is to use the lacrosse stick or crosse, to catch, carry, and pass a solid rubber ball in an effort to score by getting the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Defense is played through the use of stick checking and body positioning. Many people are familiar with men’s lacrosse and all the padding and equipment worn for the game. Women, however, are only required to wear lacrosse goggles, and a mouth guard. The women’s stick has restrictions, there is no significant pocket, and there are many specifications for measurements and materials used. To test the legality of the pocket of a women’s stick, the top third of the lacrosse ball must be seen above the side of the head when the stick is held horizontally. This is confirmed by a referee before the game during the stick check.

Because the pocket of a women's stick is shallower than those of the men, it makes the ball harder to catch and more difficult to shoot at higher speeds. The lack of a true pocket also makes it harder to cradle without dropping the ball. To make sure your equipment meets all specifications, you can refer to the Women’s Rule Book produced by US Lacrosse and shop at a store specializing in the sport of lacrosse.

The maximum regulation time for high school play is 50 minutes and for adults, 60 minutes. The game is divided into two halves and halftime is ten minutes or less, decided upon by the coaches before the start of the game. The team captains flip a coin before the start of the game to decide which end of the field their team will defend. Players must change ends to begin the second half.