Types of MMA

Types of MMA

These are some of the martial arts which translate well into MMA. If an MMA fight is your goal, once you have a solid foundation it would be in your best interest to explore some coaching from one or more of these disciplines to help build your skill set. Having a unique skill set can work to your advantage, and if possible find a gym that offers something the others don’t. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the more readily available.

Kick Boxing:

Usually based upon Korean or Japanese Karate foundations.Different organizations have different rules, but in general grappling is not permitted. Kickboxing can assist with developing different combinations as well as giving you a potential pool of sparring partners with a different “flavor” .

Submission Grappling or Catch Wrestling:

There are many different branches such as the old style carnival to recently developed hybrid systems. Although there are quite a few techniques shared with BJJ, the are often technically performed differently. Rolling or “Hooking” with such groups can lead to improvements in not only technique, but also provide with different strategies.


Throwing techniques can provide powerful takedowns into dominant ground positions. Unfortunately, many Judo schools do not work no-gi throwing techniques. Doing your homework and finding a good coach is something you will not regret.

A good boxing coach can tune up your hand skills as well as your body movements to be a more accurate and effective striker with your hands. Solid boxing skills can also help close the gap or prevent it, depending on your strengths.