General Information

What is Modern Dance?

Modern dance is a unique form of dance that emphasizes freedom of movement and expression while combining elements from almost every other style of dance. It tells stories, resembles concrete elements while representing conceptual emotions, and can look like a photograph or painting brought to life by creative movement. Also known as contemporary, modern dance is a movement contrasting classical ballet styles, emphasizing the movement from the torso and waist rather than the feet. This torso control allows for elements such as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and varying types of improvisational moments.

Although it contrasts classical ballet, it is absolutely imperative that a modern dancer is sufficiently trained in ballet technique. Without the basic technical skills and understanding of body placement, it will be impossible to release your body off of your center of gravity while still remaining in control. This is a very important skill to develop in this particular dance genre.

Modern dance is usually performed in bare feet, socks, or with “Dance Paws” (See Apparel section). Modern dance costumes are usually non-traditional, and vary between each choreographer or director. The beauty of modern dance is that the individuality of the performers and choreographers really have no boundaries. Some dances can be very physical in nature, while others integrate props or large sets for dancers to use. Modern dance is a great way to loosen your body and enjoy creativity and physical movement!