Skill Level Descriptions


  • Rider comfortable using bike pedals with cleats.
  • Comfortable riding with one hand i.e. to signal or grab water.
  • Knowing the terrain of a trail for handling of the bike.
  • How to fix a flat, general maintenance.                        
  • How to make minor adjustments on the bike(such as gears slipping).
  • Knowing elevation to determine speed.  
  • Riding with lights.


  • Being able to handle corners.
  • Abrupt stopping and accelerations due to trail and road encumbrances.
  • Understanding your effort level based upon terrain.
  • How to avoid crashes/how to crash.


  • Able to handle hard attacks.
  • Comfortable at faster speeds.
  • Able to handle descents and ascents.
  • Comfortable handling jumps and getting airborne.