Equipment Design and Types

Design of Rafts

A raft is an air filled bladder made of hypalon a multi-ply rubberized material that is very durable. The raft has multiple air chambers for safety and it is all tied together with a rowing frame. The rowing frame supports the floor and the oar mounts, allowing a stiffer craft for better control. The cataract is similar in construction however the floats are single tubes on either side vs the full circle air chamber of the traditional raft.

Types of Rafts


There are many different rafts on the market. = A 14 footer is a good place to start. The 14 foot raft will hold 7 paddlers and two skilled paddlers can control one without difficulty. Weighting about 115 pounds a crew of two can load and unload the raft into the river and right it should it flip over.


A catamaran style raft with two air bladders in a pontoon style. A center frame from the paddler to sit and gear storage. Solo will enjoy the 12 to 18 foot long Catarafts now on the market. They are great fun and very capable in whitewater.