General Information

What is Off Roading?

Off roading takes many forms these days. But it all begins when you leave the pavement behind. You quickly leave the hustle and bustle behind for solitude only available for those willing to search for it. As soon as the terrain becomes a little rougher than a washboard strewn gravel road you are off roading. To many it would seem obvious not to head down that rough road that beckons those of us who choose the path less traveled. Off roading opens up many horizons. For some it is a way to relax a few miles away from the crowd.

Others want a thrill seekers dream, "can I make it over that hill to see the other side" Or the challenge of a boulder covered narrow trail in the mud and rain or snow. I like to feel the rush of pulling a wheel stand up a dune or catching air at the top of that dune in a sand buggy built with my own hands. So what is off roading? Simply it is many things to many people but for everyone it is getting off the beaten trail to experience something few people get to enjoy, freedom to enjoy the wide open spaces. Once you have gone hiking, camping or fishing miles away from car choked roads life is never the same.