Skill Level Descriptions


• Driver with limited trail experience
• Basic vehicles are those that are factory stock.
• While these vehicles look great and manage basic trails, they are not suited to go everywhere.
• Factory equipped 4 wheel drive with open differentials, okay for slippery surfaces
• Drivers with limited trail experience


• Drivers with a year or more of trail experience
• Intermediate vehicles are those with basic upgrades.
• Upgraded tire for increased traction and ground clearance.
• Larger tires help to clear the first set of obstacles that will stop your vehicle.
• Lifting springs and body lifts for increased ground clearance.
• A quality suspension kit (springs/shocks) is well worth the effort.
• Basic power adders such cat back exhaust systems, cold air intakes provide low end grunt reducing strain on the vehicle when more challenging terrain presents itself.
• Manuel recovery equipment - jacks, tow straps, etc


• Drivers with several years of varied terrain experience with increasing difficulty
• Advanced off roaders know and appreciate increased vehicle clearance
• Additional power required to climb steep hills,
• Camshafts, intakes, headers, provide additional power for heavy mud, deep sand.
• Lower rear end and transfer case gearing,
• Locker or limited slip differentials, stronger drive train components
• Terrain specific tires and well thought out suspension modifications
• On board recovery equipment including winches, hi lift jacks and sand anchors