Types of Off Roading

Types of Off Roading

• Basic family trips on less challenging trails.
• Ghost town and remote site exploration.
• Back country fishing or camping trips.

Primitive Roads
• Away from the basic off roaders skill set.
• Water crossings, deep ruts, washed out road beds.
• Fire trails.

Rock Crawling
• Technical trail brazing through areas that are considered impassible by all but the very determined.
• Water fall climbing, traversing dry washes.
• Winches, hi lift jacks, tow straps required.
• Group activity for safety.
• Rock guards for rocker panels and extensive skid plates required.
• Exo-roll cages common with this group.

• High horsepower to power through deep mud bogs.
• Locker and limited slip differentials for maximum traction.
• Deep gear ratios.
• High clearance suspension modifications.
• Tall tires with task specific tread patterns.
• Self recovery required winches, hi lift jacks, tow straps required.

Sand Dunes
• Hi- floatation paddle tires on wide rims
• Lightened vehicles
• Deep gear ratios, locker, spool differential modifications
• High horse power very useful

• Comes in many forms
• Mud drags and bogs
• Sand drags
• Hill climbs
• Closed course - under 5 mile courses
• Short course -stadium racing
• Desert endurance racing
• King of the Hammers hybrid event with desert and rock crawling combined
• Professional Team Racing
• Rally raids
• Amateur Local "Fun" events