Choosing a Rink

Choosing a Rink and Coach

Generally speaking, most people go to the nearest roller rink. Sometimes this is a great way to experience the thrill of roller freedom. I find that the type of crowd can vary with location as well as the music. If you are going for classes some beginner classes are taught by young adults who work for the rink and don't have a tremendous amout of experience but can help you along quite well for the first few lessons. If the sport captures your imagination and spirit you may have to look around for a competitive coach. There is almost always someone in town that is or was a competitor and will be available for coaching. One may have to call several local rinks and talk to the owners but persistance will usually turn up a good teacher.

Don't be afraid to ask about experience and coaching certificates. All competitive coaches are governed by USA Roller Sports and have had background checks and taken tests to qualify as coaches. Local coaches may employ their competitive skaters as helpers and some of these are great finds as their experience is superb even though they may not have their certificates. Competitive skating is a small, close knit group of great people and you will find they are always willing to help even if you are competing directly against them.