Equipment Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Skates come in all ranges of price and quality. Generally, it is suggested to be very careful when purchasing from the regular box stores as the prices look great but bearing and wheels usually don't work very well and can be dangerous in some cases.

It is suggested to go to a beginner class and use the rink supplied equipment for a few classes. If the sport agrees with you, talk to the coach or instructor as they should have a better understanding of the equipment that will best suit your needs. Usually the rink will have catalogs available to order from and many times they have used equipment that is of supperior quality and less expensive then new.

If you are interested in competition, then a good skate is a requirement and your coach will show you exactly what is needed.

Pricing ranges are very large with beginner equipment starting at around $35.00 USD to competitive equipment running from upwards of $1500.00 USD per pair.