Skill Level Descriptions

Skill Level Overview

All levels are basic and a person’s level is very individual. Some people can train for years to reach a certain level, while others can master certain techniques in a few months. To make your experience on this site more enjoyable please select your skill level according to your experience and abilities.


  • Never skated before.
  • Cannot glide on one foot.

A beginner’s a beginner.

You may not have any prior skating experience to begin. Sometimes beginner classes can seem repetitive. You may still be taking a beginner class for weeks but the basics will lead to surprising results for your balance and your overall fitness.

Beginners will learn how to stand, balance on one foot, push off, coast, turn and stop.


Group classes are recreational and very easy going. These are great classes for the beginner skater. In most cases, only after experience in these group classes does one work up to the higher-level classes. Some coaches will allow a hard working skater to take higher level or competition classes to allow them to progress at a faster pace.


  • Can skate forward with ease and stand on one foot for 10 feet.
  • Start and stop without falling.
  • Do cross pulls and maneuver through cones as an obstacle course.

Intermediate skaters are moved up from the beginner classes as they reach a certain skill set.

At this level some competition may be anticipated or trained for if the skater is interested. Intermediate skating will require more difficult exercises like combinations of steps, cross rolls, cross pulls and backwards skating. There will be half and single jumps expected as well as two foot spins. Dance steps and dance timing will be made available.

If you or your child have reached the level of intermediate, prepare for higher intensity and potentially a larger time commitment depending on the coach and available hours to practice.


  • Can skate backwards with ease.
  • Spin on two feet.
  • Complete half turn jumps from a single foot take off to a single foot landing.

A beginner cannot take an advanced roller skating class. Balance, stamina, and lack of prior knowledge alone will prohibit the skater from keeping up with the class.

Advanced level roller skating requires commitment and can consume a lot of energy and determination.

At this level you may acquire skills specific to your chosen direction such as Speed, Dance, Freestyle, Pairs or Figures. One can expect falls and injuries if not warmed up properly or skating with faulty equipment.

One can expect to learn multi turn jumps, single foot spins, camels, dances, dance steps, dance timing and the basics of competitive roller skating.