Running Safety Tips

General Running Safety Tips

Leave a Note: Always tell someone or leave a note/message with a loved one where you are running and how long you will be gone.  This way they know when to expect you.

Carry identification: You can also write your name, phone number and emergency contact on the inside of your shoe.  Or there are many ID’s you can attach to your shoe, wrist or ankle that includes all pertinent information.  Include any medical information.

Run Against Traffic: You can watch the cars approaching you as well as be able to react quicker and they will be able to see you better.

Be Aware and Obey all Traffic Signals: Do not assume the car is going to stop for you just because you have the walk sign.  Try to make eye contact or wait until they wave you in front.

Don’t Wear Headphones: Avoid using headphones or keep the volume low or only one earbud in so you can hear traffic and be more aware of your surroundings.

Be Visible: Wear bright colored clothes or reflective gear.  If running early morning or late at night wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight so you can see and cars can see you.  Use a bright blinking LED as it is more noticeable to drivers and signals danger.

Run in Familiar Areas: Avoid unpopulated areas and areas of little street light if running early morning or night.

Trust Your Gut: If you feel unsafe in an area or a person trust that feeling and avoid the situation because you are probably right.

Run with a Partner: If you can try to run with a friend either two or four legged.  Or find a running group you can join.