General Information

What is Social Dance?

Social dance is fun! Dominated by nightclubs and bars, social dancing can range anywhere from a local, small scale party, to a large organized event. Mainly dominated by the hip hop, club-going crowd, social dancing can also include line dancing, salsa, and any other form of dance that lots of people enjoy.

Typically done in a large group setting, going out in this particular setting is a great way to relieve stress and let out your inner dancer. (Don’t be shy... everyone secretly wishes they were on Dancing with the Stars or featured in a Step Up film.) Social dancing is something that everyone can do and includes almost every style of dance. Dance styles include but are not limited to: country line dancing, house, hard, punk, swing, latin, folk, and hip hop. Sometimes people even dress up to fit the part. You can’t forget your boots if you’re going line dancing at a honky tonk bar!

Bottom line

Social dancing is a great excuse to go out and have a blast with your friends while you let loose and dance in an environment free of judgement, intimidation, and certain skill level requirements.