Getting Started / 101

Get Ready For Your First Time

Social dancing is the least intimidating way to get your foot in the door of the dance industry because there is absolutely no way to prepare for it. Just show up with an open mind and be prepared to have a really great time moving your body and meeting new people!

Preparation and Training

If you are really nervous and you’re one of those people who started studying for your finals the very first day of the semester then yes, you can prepare a little bit. Practice getting the rhythm of different songs into your body by watching your favorite music videos and “step clapping” to the beat.

(Gangnam style is a great one to start out with. Extra points if you learn some of the dance.) Even just learning the lyrics to a few songs that might be played at the venue you’re going to will give you some confidence. If you are going line dancing, pull up a few line dancing tutorial videos on youtube and learn one in the privacy of your room first. Bottom line is that you really don’t need to prepare. Just get out and GO!


Be prepared to have fun! Ideally you would go on your first social dance outing with a friend or group of friends. Get excited to develop your own dance style as you enjoy all different genres of music. Don’t be scared or stressed because everyone has to start somewhere!

Beginner Check List

  • Great attitude
  • Great outfit
  • Great friend or group of friends
  • Comfortable shoes (no matter if they are stilettos or cowboy boots)