Equipment Design and Types

Types of Standup Paddle Boards

Surf or Wave Riding

Most wave riders are using narrow boards under 10 feet long which is considered a performance board. Kneeling while going through surf can help with stability by lowering the center of gravity.


Most flat water paddle boards are longer and wider having more volume and less tip to tail rocker than moving water boards.


Depending upon what type of river paddling you intend to do a smaller "wave design" is appropriate for doing tricks on standing waves and running white water rapids because of rail to rail quickness providing greater maneuverability.


The bass fisherman has found the SUP Board and made it his. Of course the fisherman has made modifications, including fish finders, tackle boxes and rod holders, but it is a serious and stealthily fishing craft just the same. Bass and Redfish tournaments are springing up all over the US and for good reason. These are serious fishing craft for serious fishermen.