General Information

What is StandUp Paddling?

Stand up paddling is using a surf style board with a paddle for locomotion. SUP is morphing at a rapid rate. What used to be standing up on a surf board has now advanced into specialized boards for unique conditions and every size/type rider in the marketplace. Generally speaking SUPers can be found on all flat water conditions in both salt and fresh water. SUPers are even challenging whitewater on river once thought unpaddelable. StandUp Paddle Boards are generally used for fitness and recreation today.

Most beginners are comfortable with paddling the wide and stable SUP board after one lesson. The sport was reinvigorated late in the 2000s when surfers used the technique to catch more waves per set and as a way to better view the wave as they built up on the horizon.

The flat wide design is perfect for flatwater activities. Just cruising the beach or looking for a serious work out, the fastest growing water sport has struck cord with many. SUPs are a great platform for fresh water fishing as the stealthily craft allows undetected entrance into the places where fish love to hide. Bass fishing tournaments are springing up all over for SUP only events. Salt water flats fishermen are finding these boards are a great alternative to the traditional, and expensive flats boat for snook and redfish all along the gulf coast.