Getting Started / 101

Getting Ready for Your First Time

The first thing you should have when getting ready to do any water sport activity is a PFD (personal floatation device) even if you are a good swimmer, things happen we don't always foresee, so being prepared is always prudent. SUP is a fun and strenuous activity, be sure to stretch your muscles before heading out. Be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen and wear polarized sunglasses to see into the water for obstructions. A helmet is always a good idea.


Keep your board square with the waves, speed is stability especially on smaller boards.

Beginner's Checklist

The average beginner will do best on a longer, wider board. They are generally more forgiving than the more nimble smaller versions. A properly sized paddle is very important to the beginner so he/she does not struggle with poorly fitted equipment.

• Water Shoes
• Sunglasses
• Sunblock
• SUP Board
• Paddle
• Helmet
• Wet Suit (in cold temperatures)

Gear storage is nonexistent on a paddle board so leave anything you don't need in the car locked up safe and sound.