Racing Tips

Racing Tips

Have a plan

On each race and practice that plan in training sessions. Most Swimmers just race and rely heavily on what everyone else will do in the pool. This is a plan to fail more often than not. Make sure you have a plan for you and stick with it because that’s something you have full control over. You don’t have control over other swimmers and how they will swim their race.

Maintain your speed

Keep your speed off starts and turns. No matter what race you are swimming, your fastest points will be when you push off the blocks on a start and off the walls on turns. The easiest way to swim faster in any race is find a way to hold that speed when you push off objects that won’t move on you. That means holding your streamline tighter diving out farther and tighter, which will start your swimming off at higher speeds.

Make it look easy

Even when it’s the hardest! In swimming, when you get tired, it’s important to stay long and fast but still allow your body to flow smoothly to maintain proper technique. Most swimmers at the end of races try too hard, tighten up and lose their stroke. Practice finishing your races with good technique first and sometimes limit how deep you dig into the well when trying hard. Sometimes digging too deep hurts you more than helps.