Having the correct shoes is usually the most important thing for a certain world dance class. Make sure you call ahead and ask what the appropriate shoes are for the style you will be learning. For example, Irish dancing requires special shoes that you might need to invest in to guarantee you get the most out of your experience. Some classes may require you to bring certain props like a long skirt or scarf or a certain instrument that goes hand in hand with your genre of dance. When in doubt just get yourself to the first class and they will understand if you are not entirely prepared since it is your first time!


Because the category “world dance” encompasses so many different cultures and styles, it is hard to know exactly what to wear unless you call ahead to your studio and find out ahead of time what is expected. Generally, you should just stick to normal dance attire. Dance pants or shorts with a supportive top that flatters your body and is appropriate for the type of movement you are about to do.

Usually going barefoot is okay for the first class but most styles of cultural dance will have specific shoes or props you might need to purchase. Again, just call ahead and ask if you are unsure! Some classes provide almost everything for you so you definitely want to double check. Remember the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in class and this starts with not only your attitude but your outfit as well.