General Information

What is World Dance?

World dance is one of the broadest categories of dance that encompasses everything from Bollywood style dance to a traditional folk dance from Ireland. All styles of world dance are backed by an incredible amount of history, so make sure you take some time to learn about the significance of the particular style you are studying. Some forms of world dance or “cultural dance” are based on religion and others were formed in a social environment to celebrate special occasions or certain national holidays. Most forms of cultural dance are kept alive in various classes, dance companies, or even touring dance groups that take pride in showcasing their cultural art form.

Some popular styles of cultural dance include west african, belly dancing, bollywood, flamenco, irish step dance, and hula dancing. On the other hand, “folk dance” fits into the world dance category as well. Folk dances can also be passed down from generation to generation through social events such as weddings or bar mitzvahs. For example, the hora, a traditional Israeli dance, is primarily performed at a Jewish wedding. Most people have danced the hora but have never taken a dance class to learn how. Typically you can’t take a “folk dance” class but instead you will learn by just watching and then doing at different social events.